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Our Clients

Who we are

Dawa founded by Dr. Anke Domdey provides creative solutions in R&D and commercialisation in close collaboration with its associate Evnia founded by Dr. Efstathios Vassiliadis.

We combine decades of accumulated experience in the global bio/pharmaceutical and biotech industries and advisory roles among them Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim, LEO Pharma, Nordic Bioscience and Boston Consulting Group.

Our core competencies are biomarker, diagnostics, drug/ vaccine discovery & product development, regulatory preparation, GXP compliance and commercialisation combined with hands-on line and cross-disciplinary management.

What we do

Dawa strives to move biomarker, diagnostics, drug and vaccine discovery and development forward - site-by-site with our Associate and Clients.

We carefully listen to Entrepreneurs/ Biotech Start-ups, Bio-/ Pharma Companies and Contract Research Organisations to initiate creative solutions for discovery, product development and commercialisation.

We assess innovations from a business and development perspective. We prepare business plans and support fund raising. We provide Target Product Profiles, candidate selection and development plans including the first clinical trial, prepare regulatory documentation and help with GXP compliance. We increase product awareness by proper communications via different tools. We provide project management and take line managerial roles in product development and commercialisation.

Why we do it

We believe that patients in need should have access to innovative and affordable health care solutions as soon as possible.

We proactively listen to our Clients and use our complementing competencies in R&D and commercialisation to develop creative solutions site-by-site with our Clients in order to help them move their innovation towards the market place.

Entrepreneurs/ Biotech Start-ups
Contract Research Organisations
Bio-/ Pharma Companies

Entrepreneurs/ Biotech Start-ups

An entrepreneur is up for new challenges. He would like to use his platform technology for the development of new products.

Site-by-site with the Client, we conduct a market search, investigate the medical needs and future treatment concepts, identify the Target Product Profile, describe the development steps and project plan, clarify the company organisation, develop a financial plan and an exit strategy - all finally summarised in a business plan and presentation to be presented to potential investors. We help fund raising and take managerial roles in development and commercialisation.

Contract Research Organisations

A Contract Research Organisation that so far has supported its clients with GMP-compliant analytical services is to implement GCLP-compliant processes and documentation. Site-by-site with the Client, we clarify potential gaps and suggest steps to take to meet GCLP compliance.

A Clinical Contract Research Organisation is to plan a clinical Phase IIa study that requires extensive non-standard bioanalytical support. We identify external partners, support contract preparation and monitor bioassay development and validation as well as the bioanalysis of clinical study samples and respective report preparation.

Bio-/ Pharma Companies

A Pharma Company has decided to repurpose one of its marketed products. We review the internal and publicly available preclinical and relevant clinical data and identify potential gaps required filled for the new indication. We suggest the design of gap-filling additional studies and clarify the next steps site-by-site with our Client.


We combine business and R&D know-how related to biomarkers, diagnostics and drugs/ vaccines. We help evaluate innovations. We prepare business plans and presentations for fund raising activities and support stakeholder management by preparation of other communication tools like websites, white papers etc.

Project and Line Management Roles

We manage R&D and commercialisation projects covering biomarkers, diagnostics, drugs/ vaccines and related services.

We take management roles in biomarker, diagnostics, drug/ vaccine development and commercialisation.

R&D Support

We help our Clients in discovery and development of biomarkers, diagnostics and drugs/ vaccines. We prepare candidate selection and development plans, conduct non-clinical due diligence, prepare regulatory documents (IB, CTD), help with GXP compliance and help identify suitable external partner.

Our Partners

Dawa and Evnia Group have entered a partnership agreement in order to complement our R&D and commercial competencies for the purpose of comprehensive support of our Clients in biomarker, diagnostics, drug/vaccine discovery & development and commercialisation.

Contact us

Share with us your challenges and we will identify together how we can help you best

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